E-commerce or Logistics Which is The Real Driver?

Of late, the debate on deciding the “true driving force” between the e-Commerce and logistics has been a fascinating one. Both have evolved. While the e-commerce is now more than browsing and shopping, the logistics is no more endless waiting for the product. However, this metamorphosis is triggering the battle of the decider.

Who has influenced the other most? Is it the e-commerce which has been able to bring a massive transformation in product delivery or the betterment of logistics is changing the e-commerce from the core?

Let’s find out.

An Awful Misconception:

The answer straight off the bat- both e-commerce and logistics are depending on each other. Instead of driving each other, they coexist and assist to resolve the issue and grow in stature.

How have they contributed to each other’s growth? What has pushed them to undertake the journey together? Scroll now to know –

E-commerce is now a commodity:

It’s no more a wonder but an essential element in our life. Be it desktop, mobile or every other possible device, people access e-commerce websites to browse and shop.

From B2C to B2B, the e-commerce is expanding quickly. The expansion and their wide range of amenities have given birth to modern-day customers. These customers are extremely adept at technology and want their purchased product right now at any cost.

Here, the logistics enter the ring to play it’s trump card to make the e-commerce more functional.

Better logistic makes happy customers:

However, the traditional logistic services were not equipped enough to contribute. The call was made for better logistic services.

Customers were demanding quick delivery of their purchased products. So, to stay in the game the logistic services must provide value to the customers of the e-commerce which will also help e-commerce bodies to pocket revenue and usher in much-needed change.

And the logistic service providers come up with revolutionary drones and other automated solutions to make the entire transformation feasible.

This is how e-commerce and logistic services help each other to embrace the first stage of evolution. Once they figure out the way of resolving the issues together, the journey of co-existence become seamless for them.

Next hurdle was expansion.

Expanding e-commerce:

E-commerce players want to reap more benefits. The path was clear to them- expanding their business. They come to the conclusion that catering more audience will leverage their business. In order to seize the opportunity, they need a robust delivery solution.

International Logistics bodies deliver the solution:

For the need of the hour, the international logistics service provider takes responsibility to expand the e-commerce. They provide the warehouse, look after all the formalities and ensure a quick delivery to meet the expectation of the customers.

In result, the e-commerce entities get a chance to sell their products to offshore customers.

Bottom line is that neither e-commerce nor logistics are the drivers of each other’s exponential growth. When the time arises, both have overcome the challenges together.

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