Ceramic Can be The Right Option For Your Bearing Materials

Such feedback is very encouraging, and it continues to guide the way for more to follow. If you are still undecided about the change, maybe you will decide to move forward after you are informed.

You can count on bearings from this material because they are electric insulators and they allow you to operate your machines at a higher speed. Too often, we assume a higher speed means more friction and more variations. These allow you to have a faster speed but not increase friction. Your quality is actually going to be more precise and consistent than before.

Since ceramic bearings also have a longer lifespan, the investment in them pays off. You will go through fewer bearings annually in your machines. The savings isn’t just about the cost of those parts though. It can reduce overall wear and tear on the inside of the machines, lowering costs spent on other parts too. It also reduces the downtime for the machines and labour hours spent.


Since ceramic bearings can be operated at a high speed, but stay cooler, you have less friction and noise to be concerned with. These are factors that are appreciated in any factory setting. This is possible because the centrifugal load is less than with those made from steel as the ceramic isn’t as dense. The combination of lower friction and less density means not as much heat.

Avoid Contamination Issues

The change to ceramic bearings can mean no more problems with contamination issues. Those contaminants from steel products are a concern because they are able to dent the bearing. They can also cause damage to the roller bearing surface or any raised edges that are around the housing area of the bearing. All of this causes them to wear out faster than they really should.

The ceramic bearings offer a smoother outer shell, which reduces the amount of roughness encountered with the surface contact. Not only is noise reduced but the life of the product is greatly extended.

Variety of Sizes

The use of ceramic bearings can be found among all types of factories and production lines. There are a variety of sizes, making it easy to get exactly what you need for your business to thrive and to become more efficient. You may have good protection levels now, but it is time to take it above and beyond.

Any time you have an opportunity to reduce costs and improve, you should take full advantage of it! The actual process of changing them over doesn’t take long. Once that is done, the benefits are going to be noticed right away. Your employees will be producing more, quality control will report fewer problems, and the amount of time it takes for work on machines can be reduced.

Pay for the Value

Deciding what you need isn’t hard when you have a great company to work with. They will take the time to assist you with evaluating the right product and the reasons to go that route. They should offer prices that are competitive and only use the best quality ceramic to create them. Making this connect is vital to the successful outcome you have in mind with this change!

While they do cost more than steel bearings, in the end, you will save money because you use less of them. All of that savings adds up to more profits for your business. You will be happy you decided to move forward with this type of option rather than waiting and letting more time pass before you did!

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